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Hire Agreement and Disclaimer for Bouncy Castles & Slide

When hiring an inflatable from us, we will provide you with a quality unit but in return ecpect you as the customer to follow reasonable safety guidelines when using the inflatable to ensure that there are no accidents or problems. Any person(s) or/and organisation hiring our inflatable's are respon-sible/liable for any damage or injuries occurring from or as a result of misuse or reckless use. Any person using the inflatable do so at their own risk. Please read the following guidelines thoroughly, you will expected to ensure there are followed for the safety of all persons using the inflatable throughout the period of your hire.

- Age restrictions for all inflatable's (please be aware of which inflatable(s) you are hiring)

Inflatable Castle (12' x 15' includes step) age limit of 14 years
Inflatable disco dome (16' x 12' - including step) age limit of 14 years
Inflatable Castle (15' x 15' includes step) any age (Including adults)

Please ensure that no one over the specified age uses the inflatable's, especially Adults - unless stated. This is due to safety, manufacturing and insurance reasons.

- A responsible adult must supervise children at all times whilst on the inflatable.
- Inflatable should be erected on a smooth surface free of sharp or rough objects. There should be a minimum of 1 metre space on all sides of the inflatable. We shall ensure that our equipment is properly maintaned and erected in a safe and a proper manner. Our delivery staff will install the inflatable for you.
- The generator/blower will be placed so as not to cause an obstruction or trip hazard. Never switch the generator/blower on and off. Children should not be allowed in the area of the generator.
- In the event of rain, it is strongly recommended that the inflatable is switched off for safety reasons, as well as the electric generator and power connections should either be covered or under shelter. When safe to re-use, switch back on and towel dry any remaining wetness before allowing children back on.
- Inflatable are fixed to the ground using metal pegs or sandbags and these can be a trip hazard therefore care should be taken in these areas.
- Please do not allow any person on the inflatable whilst inflating or deflating.
- Once installed the inflatable should not be moved.
- No pets allowed on the inflatable.
- Children are not allowed to climb, sit or hang on the inflatable walls.
- Please ensure no sharp objects are taken onto the inflatable. All shoes, footwear, badges, jewellery and spectacles must be removed before entering inflatable.
- Strictly no party poppers, coloured streamers, spray string, food, drinks, glasses, or face paints, to be taken on to the inflatable, this is to avoid mess and stains (which do not come out).
- Do not allow children to bounce on the front safety step. The safety step is to assist users in getting on/off safely.
- Smoking, fires, or barbeques are not permitted in or around the inflatable.
- Please remember, a cleaning charge will be made to the hirer in the event that restricted iteams, mentioned above, are taken on to the inflatable, or the inflatable is returned in a condition beyond what would be ecpected from normal use.
- In the event of damage to the inflatable due to inappropriate use or malicious acts the hirer will be responsible for the cost of repair.

- The land under the bouncy castle should be flat and free from sharp objects
- We need to have an access to an electric socket
- All equipment is insured
- Our drop off times are normally between  8am and 11am and pick up times are between 5pm - 7pm
- Bouncy castles are connected and dissconected by the staff


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